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1. Introducing the site:

In accordance with the provisions of Articles 6-III and 19 of Act 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 for Confidence in the Digital Economy, known as L.C.E.N., we provide information to users and visitors of the site Following:

2. Legal information:

Company Name: KLEZ'NOUCHE
Form: SA per share simplified single partner
Commercial Brand Name: KLEZ'NOUCHE
Address: 2 Mazure Road 72610 Saint Paterne, Le Chevain
Tel: '33 (0)6 15 93 41 83
SIRET: 829 591 676 00012

The Creator of the site is: Patrick VINOT
The Editor is: Patrick VINOT
Contact the editor: Send Mail

The site's hemder is: OVH 2 rue Kellermann 59100 ROUBAIX - France

3. Collecting customer information:

The business information collected for the business file is as follows:

Email Address

Postal address if necessary

Phone number

Preference in terms of communication. (Telephone, Mail, Sms etc....)

A simple email to send Mail request ingout the database will result in your removal from the company's database.

This information is only pasted for business management, and is not shared with third parties.

4. Show License No.

2-1105682 Show producer - tour entrepreneur employer of the artistic plateau
3-1105683 Touring entrepreneur not using artistic stage - show broadcaster